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5 Ideas to Entertain the Kids Indoors

5 ideas to entertain the kids indoors den making
Grab some cushions and blankets and pretend you are on a big adventure, or create a cosy reading den.
Or take a look at the Original Den Kit which can be used indoors or out to create hours of fun.
5 ideas to entertain the kids indoors cooking
Getting in the kitchen is a great way to teach kids about food and get them cooking. Grab some baking kits from the supermarket to store in the cupboard for a rainy day. 
Why not get them helping get lunch or dinner ready with the KiddiKutter safety knife.
5 ideas to entertain the kids indoors play doh
Play Doh can entertain for hours. Grab some cookie cutters from the kitchen to make play doh shapes. We have some plastic knives and forks we keep for play doh to chop and make marks in it.
Why not use it in themed play? Add some animals and create a little farm or our favourite is to play kitchens and make some delicious pretend meals.
Take a look at PlayHooray's blog post on how to make your own Play Doh.
5 ideas to entertain the kids indoors puzzles
One of Mia's favourite things to do is make her own puzzles. We find some pictures in an old magazine, cut them up and them put them back together. It's a great activity to get them practising their cutting skills using safety scissors. Why not get them cutting wavy lines and different shapes to make it more challenging.  
5 ideas to entertain the kids indoors movie night
Get the kids to make some tickets, get some snacks, turn the lights off, put on their favourite DVD and create your own cinema experience. 
For more ideas, check out our Pinterest board on rainy day activities.

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