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5 Lockdown Gifts for Kids


With lots of children experiencing birthdays in lockdown, including mine, it is hard to know what to get them.

Mia has picked her top 5 things she would like to receive to keep her entertained during lockdown. They make great kids lockdown gifts and can be gift wrapped and sent direct to them.


1. The Original Den Kit / Cottage Den Kit

Mumma and Mia Lockdown Gifts for Kids The Den Kit

This is Mia's absolute favourite thing we have given her for lockdown. It gets used in lots of different adventures and has been set up inside and and in the garden. If you need a little inspiration, why not take a look at her Lockdown Day in the Den post.

This is a great gift for kids in lockdown and it gives them an excuse to get out in the garden and use their creativity and imagination to come up with lots of stories and adventures.

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2. KiddiKutter Children's Safety Knife

Mumma and Mia KiddiKutter Childrens Safety Knife


The children's safety knife from KiddiKutter is a great way to get little ones learning about food and helping in the kitchen. It uses a saw action to allow kids to cut fruit and vegetables without cutting themselves. Why not get them chopping up some peppers to put on a pizza?

I also use them alot in sensory and messy play. Use them with PlayDoh to help improve motor skills. For older children why not get them to cut up the PlayDoh in into different portions e.g 1/4s or 1/2s to help math skills.

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3. Blueberry Co Monochrome Birthday Memory Book

Mumma and Mia Blueberry Co Birthday Memory Book

The Blueberry Co Birthday Memory Book is a great gift for parents and children. As a 1st birthday gift it is the perfect keepsake for parents to fill in and get some mindful colouring done during lockdown.

For older children, like Mia, we will be starting it this year and filling it in together. Great way for them to start thinking about memories and looking through old photos plus they can add their own creativity to the memories by helping with the colouring in.

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4. The Den Kit Company Pizza Making For Birds Kit

The Den Kit Company Pizza for Birds Bird Feed Making Kit

This is one of Mia's birthday presents! This kit is a lovely way for kids to learn about birds and about helping feed them. I love it because it works on a window sill, balcony or garden. It is a great way for the kids to see the birds up close during lockdown.

We have a blue tit nest in our bird box for the 1st time this year. We only discovered it due to being in the garden so much with lockdown. Mia has this on her list as she wants to help feed the babies when they hatch.

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5. Grass & Air Colour Changing Wellies

The girls have worn their wellies everyday in lockdown come rain or shine for our little walks. They are great for exploring outside or in the garden.

The wellies change colour when wet, have a soft fleece lining perfect for first walkers, toddlers and older kids.

They make a great way to add to the excitement of getting the kids outdoors and exploring the area around them during lockdown.

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All orders can have gift wrap and cards added to them, making it easy for you to send a little one the perfect gift to enjoy during lockdown.

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