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Kids Lockdown Day in the Cottage Garden Den

Entertaining the kids when you are in lockdown is hard work!!

Thankfully The Cottage Garden Den Kit from The Den Kit Co has been my lockdown saviour. When I first discovered the den kits, I loved the idea but I never knew how much fun and creativity they would create for the girls.

They have played in it everyday during lockdown and gone on lots of adventures!

Mumma and Mia The Cottage Garden Den Kit Tea Party

Teddy Bears Picnic

First adventure of the day was to organise a picnic for all the toys! First the den was a supermarket to buy the food, then a kitchen to prep the food and finally the location for the picnic.


Mumma and Mia The Cottage Garden Den Kit Cinema

The Den Cinema

As we cant go out to the cinema during lockdown the girls made their own. The Den Cinema was showing a special screening of Cinderella and princess dresses were required. 

This is also a great activity to do inside if the British weather is not on your side!

Mumma and Mia The Cottage Garden Den Kit Cafe

The Den Kit Cafe

Again another one we have done inside and out in the garden. It of course makes a great place for a spot of lunch. On the menu was peanut butter sandwiches and squash.


The Cottage Den Kit comes with everything you need in a great little satchel so you can pack it up and take it out into nature when we are allowed.

The Cottage Garden Den Kit was really easy and quick to put up, the girls really enjoyed getting involved and helping Daddy.

Mumma and Mia The Cottage Garden Den Kit Putting It Up

We even discovered a new little friend making a nest in our bird box, so the den has now become a great little bird watching spot!

The Cottage Garden Den Kit is £39 and was worth every penny. Our garden isn't big enough for a climbing frame or anything like that so this has been a great way to get them outside in the fresh air and developing their imagination.

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