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Blueberry Co was started in 2015 by mum Chloe Watts, I have loved her books for ages and I am so excited to be able to bring them to the UK!
The books allow Mia and I to add our own personalities to our adventures and the memories we create. The best bit is we can involve the whole family!! The grandparents love to get home from a day out and create their pages.

Here is Chloe's story:

'I couldn’t find a Baby Book that suited me and my style…. So I designed my own!'

I’m trained as a Landscape Architect and during my maternity leave we had a series of tragedies in our family and honestly, it shook us to the bone. It really hit home for us that life is unpredictable, it can be long or short… and if you might as well enjoy today, because tomorrow may not come. So in 2017, as Blueberry Co grew, we decided to take the plunge and move to our dream home by the sea and add to our little family. In August 2017 we had a second baby girl… and let me tell you it’s been a crazy ride. I thought one child was crazy but no. 2 has raised the bar!
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