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Mumma and Mia | Kids gifts from family businesses

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Hi, I'm Krisha 

Family is my 1st love

I have always worked in retail, serving customer, choosing products and marketing them. Mainly for independent stores and my passion for them has always stuck. It was always a dream of mine to do something for myself but never really sure what.
When I was on maternity leave with Mia,while scrolling through my phone during 4am feeds, I discovered great products for her.
I realised there were so many great little businesses out there run by mums and dads that we don't see on the high street.

Our Story

While on maternity leave with Lexi, I was suffering with Postnatal Anxiety and was unsure if I would be able to return to my job. My husband and I had been chatting about my idea and wanting to do something for myself that would mean I could work but stay at home for the girls. I decided to take the plunge and Mumma and Mia was launched!

Mumma and Mia | Family Run Business

Photo by Amara Grace

My Mission

I wanted Mumma and Mia to have a purpose, not just be another selling website. I wanted to champion other mums and dads that were independent and started from scratch. I wanted to help other mums who had suffered with mental illness like me. I wanted to make a difference, more importantly I wanted to show my girls that you can work hard and build something of your own, I wanted to show them that you can empower yourself to achieve your dream.

Mumma and Mia | Family Business

Mumma and Mia

Everything you see with Mumma and Mia is about family. The logo was created by mum Kat at House of Jack. The seeds that are gifted in orders are from mum Theresa at Wildflower Promotions. The website was built by me! The orders are packed by me with a little help from the girls. There is no big team behind it, just me and my family.
The girls and my husband help me choose the brands I stock. My girls are my biggest critics! If they don't like it, I don't sell it. I want to offer products we are passionate about otherwise I am just another selling site.

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Mumma and Mia is committed to supporting my family and other families.
The brands I choose are independent and run by parents.
As much as possible I use other mums and dads to support the business. From the logo design to the seed gifts in the orders I send out.

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If my family doesn't love it, I don't sell it. All the brands I choose to stock have to pass the family test! If my girls wouldn't wear it or play with it, then I don't stock it.

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Mumma and Mia supports other mums and families. I do this by working with brands who are small and independent and are not commonly found in high street stores.
I raise awareness of maternal mental health to help other mums.
I raise money for PANDAS Foundation to support families with Pre and Postnatal mental illness.