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Mumma & Mia Wildflower Seeds

Mumma and Mia Wildflower Seeds

Sow Memories & Watch Them Grow

When I was creating Mumma and Mia, I wanted to include a little gift as a Thank You. I wanted it to be something children could do together with a loved one, and something Mia enjoyed doing to. At the time Mia had just started to really enjoy planting seeds and flowers with her Grandad and Nana. She loved caring for them and watching them grow. It gave her a real sense of achievement and something special to do with them.

Staying true to the values of Mumma and Mia, I sourced the seeds from a small independent business, Wildflower Favours, run by mum Teresa. We worked together to come up with the perfect little gift, that I know so many of you enjoy receiving.

About Teresa

I started the business 21 years ago with a wildflower nursery selling the seeds as a sideline and then personalised wedding favours. As this part of the business flourished, I couldn't spend the time on the nursery so decided to close it down. As the new side of the business has grown we now produce seed packets for charities, weddings and parties.

I am really keen that the business has as little impact on the environment as possible, so all plastic is ditched (except for re-using packaging), and only chemical free, UK grown seeds are used.

I am also really proud to be able to say it is a vegan business and am able to help in a big passion of mine, bees , by supporting charities including Bumblebee Conservation and Friends of Earth.

Mumma and Mia | Teresa Wildflower Favours
Mumma and Mia Wildflower Seeds

About the Mumma & Mia Wildflower Seeds

  • Seeds included Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Chamomile and Poppies
  • Best Planted April to May
  • Can be planted in pots or window boxes, although best in the ground, in full sunshine
  • Water regularly, and deadhead to encourage flowering rather then producing seeds.  
  •  Save the seeds you can sow them next year. If you leave the seedheads on they will scatter and hopefully germinate next year.  

The seed packets make a great, environmentally friendly gift for kids party bags. To find out more about Wildflower Favours visit the website here